Dedicated with a pinch of Crazy

But not groupies!

How it all began....

The year is 2005. Kris had been a dedicated fan of Moby for many years, but had never been to a concert. Eve liked his music but couldn't really consider herself a big fan. That all changed when they both decided to go to the Moby concert from his Hotel tour at the Brabanthallen in Leuven!

We didn't know each other yet, but we can both be seen partying on the front row (in different sections) on the DVD that was released of this epic concert. We did however meet there unofficially for the first time.... while Kris went straight to the stage exit to wait for Moby, and was being crushed by pushy fans when Moby did come out (because the exit was right by the exits for the crowd), Eve was trying to find a way back home (no more busses back... bad planning). When she finally got the promise from a security guard that he'd give her and her friend a ride, she also went to the stage exit to try and see if she could still catch Moby and get an autograph. Eve then asked a frustrated Kris if Moby had already come by. Well, let's just say.... Kris answered in a not very friendly way that he had, and left because there were too many people. (let's give her some credit, she was frustrated!). So we didn't exactly get off on the right foot.... and we didn't have great impressions of each other.

Back home, they both went to Moby's official forum to share their experience with other fans. Again Eve came across Kris, who didn't even remember her... so again, we can't say that we hit it off immediately ;-) However, both being one of the few "Belgian Moby boardies" does create a bond. After both having won tickets for the next exclusive performance at the Jim TV venue in Vilvoorde, we decided to officially meet together with a couple of other Belgian Moby boardies.

And then the crazy ride got started! We're now great friends, and we've shared some amazing experiences together which we now also would like to share with you!